Wigle Whiskey’s Tar and Feather 2014

Join us at Wigle Whiskey’s Tar and Feather! T+F is a celebration of the Whiskey Rebellion where you can enjoy great drinks, games, the best local food trucks, and of course, yours truly.

Show details here.

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Free Outdoor Show – Wigle Whiskey’s Tar & Feather Party

Friends! Dig it. Join us.

More details here.

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Upcoming Shows

We’ve recently announced our upcoming Pittsburgh show and we’ll be releasing info soon about shows at Indiana University of Pennsylvania as well as some West Virgina dates. See you on the road…

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Flannel Sheets to keep you warm this Christmas!

Flannel Sheets Cover art

We’re delighted to bring you a new GN,S original Christmas tune, "Flannel Sheets", along with its B-side compainion "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen"
We’re releasing it through several channels, so take your pick…

GN,S.com               Noisetrade               Spotify & iTunes (available soon)

We’ve finally decided to get our act together and put our newest album, Country/Static, on Spotify.  It should be available in the next week.

All physical and digital items are 30% off until Dec 31!  That includes our entire back catalog of tunes as well as t-shirts and APC GN,S synths.  It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Use the code “xmas2012″ when you check out to receive the discount.

In April 2012 we released "Country/Static" at a very special event.  The Grand Release Gala was held at Pittsburgh’s historic New Hazlett Theater and we captured a few of the songs on video.

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We’re ecstatic and honored to share the stage with good friends Triggers and Host Skull. If you’re not familiar the great music of these bands, you’ll have to trust our recommendation. As for us, you’ll have to swing by to see what we have in store – this show will be a unique experience, even for the seasoned GN,S listener. Head to the Shows page for details…

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Pro Safety Tips From Dan

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This Weekend: Fburg, VA & Pgh, PA

We’re excited to be welcomed back to Virginia this weekend, as well as to be joined by Roger Harvey (of White Wives/Bluebird Midwest) in Pittsburgh in a last-minute lineup change.  Details at the Shows page.

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On The Road Again

We’re on the road again in September with shows in NY, PA, and VA.  Details on the Shows page.

Fri, Sept 7 – Nyack, NY
Sat, Sept 8 -  Lancaster, PA
Fri, Sept 28 – Fredericksburg, VA
Sat, Sept 29 – Pittsburgh, PA

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SHOW RECAP – Detroit, Harrisburg, Baltimore with The Lumineers

It has been an epic three-show saga with The Lumineers and Good Night, States.


For our first night together, we braved the face-melting heat to arrive in Ferndale, a trendy Detroit neighborhood with a great taco shop where our stage mates were duly stalked by some seriously fanatical poster-wielding dudes.  The Lumineers sold out the club and their fans were terrific.  During our set, Steve talked about sports and shook hands with some lucky folks at the front of the stage, Trevor and Dan and Ben thrashed about to fix a broken DI, and Megan recited a litany of roads the band had gotten lost on to get there: 9 Mile, 7 Mile, 12 Mile…  Also, we rocked really hard and met a lot of great fans.

Post-show we hung out in the parking lot, watching a certain band member use a slingshot to launch medium-sized rocks at a dumpster.  Until some drunk people in the road called the cops, claiming to be under slingshot fire.  ”Sorry Officer, we have no idea…”  The next morning we eat at Toast, and Dan nearly trades his soul for their gigantic cinnamon roll.


Part two begins with a rest-stop sighting along I76: “That guy sure looks like Wes from The Lumineers…”  Hearty handshakes ensue amidst caffeine reuptake purchases, and then we make a last minute trade, Stelth for Dan.  Dan gets a vanload of chipper young folks, and Stelth gets…Mom and Pop: Megan and Trevor driving the ol’ family minivan, on the afternoon of their 7th wedding anniversary!

Harrisburg sells out, the Coal Town Rounders play a fabulous opening set, and we never see the bill for our half-price meals.  Steve joins The Lumineers on stage to play harmonica and electric guitar.  There is a freight elevator to transport gear.  Megan and Neyla chat about chunky heeled shoes.  Everyone is happy.


For our third and final show, in Baltimore, would you believe The Lumineers sell the place out?!  Ram’s Head Live is a beautiful venue, and its multiple tiers of balconies ensure a great view of the stage from anywhere in the house.  Chef T makes some mighty fine meals served in our mighty nice dressing rooms, we are delivered approximately 27 fresh towels with threats of more, our opening set is great, and we close the night joining The Lumineers for Sweet Virginia, all ten band members on stage together.  Last minute trumpet a la Megan, extra shakers for Matt and Trevor, Dan rolling on the floor playing the front-of-stage bass drum and a tom he pulls out of thin air, Steve shredding the sax solo on electric guitar, and 1,400 people singing and screaming along.


We sure do miss our pals Wes, Jeremy, Neyla, Ben and Stelth.  Check out The Lumineers and you’ll see why.


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Baltimore Review

Nice review of the Baltimore The Lumineers/GN,S show.

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